Big News from the Field Museum: Moving-in day is near for world's largest dinosaur

Big News from the Field Museum: Moving-in day is near for world's largest dinosaur
Rendering of Maximo in his new home

The Titanosaur is coming

Last August, The Field Museum announced that their beloved dinosaur SUE, the T Rex, would be moved to a special room of her own in the museum to make way for the world's largest dinosaur who would be installed in Stanley Field Hall in the spring of 2018. 

That day is almost here. The installation is scheduled to start on Wednesday, May 23 with May 25 the target date for the final touch--the attaching of dino's skull.

We wondered at the time what the new 122-foot Patagotitan mayorum (pat-uh-go-tie-tan my-or-um) would be called.

Now we know.

His name, is Maximo. The dinosaur is a giant, long-necked herbivore that's part of a group of dinosaurs called titanosaurs. The name means “maximum” or “most” in Spanish-- a nod to both his size and Argentinian homeland.

Máximo will make his public debut on June 1st. 

The Titanosaur is so tall that visitors on the Museum's second-floor balcony will be eye-to-eye with the creature, which will be situated near the elephants--his tall frame dwarfing them in size (see rendering at the top of this post).

Here’s a timeline of what’s happening when (dates subject tp change):

Wednesday, May 23, 10am–noon: Begin construction of Máximo, starting with his feet and working up and out.

Friday, May 25, 7:30am–9am: Finish construction of Máximo, including attaching his skull at 8am.

Friday, Jone 1, Maximo makes his public debut in Stanley Field Hall.

Friday, June 15 Antarctic Dinosaurs traveling exhibition opens.

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