Chicago Cubs 2014 Season: Ten Ways To Turn Things Around

Chicago Cubs 2014 Season: Ten Ways To Turn Things Around
Chicago Cubs bleacher fans.

They’re back. Today is the Chicago Cubs home opener…a clean slate (except for the 1 and 2 start) with hopes and dreams anew. It’s NEXT YEAR.  It’s the 100 year anniversary of Wrigley Field. It’s time to start making some REAL changes.

It’s time to stop the bleeding, to stop making excuses, to stop the fantasy and stand up and be counted. Here are ten ways we can turn things around.

To some, these changes may seem like sacrilege, if so, too bad.

1. Stop bleeding Cubbie Blue.

2. No more “lovable losers.”

3. Embrace the Goat…add it to the menu. Goat cheese, goat tacos, pulled goat and goat pierogis are a few suggestions to show that we mean business and to put an end to any perceived curses.

4. Ditch “Cubbies” it sounds weak. This isn't Little League,'s the Major League. Let’s call them, The Cubs.

5. Keep the Seventh Inning Stretch…but change the lyrics. Instead of one, two, three strikes and you’re out. Make it…one, two, three hits and you’re in.

6. Keep the White Flag...The tradition of putting out a white flag with a big blue W for a win dates back to 1937…a great tradition to continue and celebrate. But forget the L flag. Losses should not be celebrated.

7. Lose the “Old Style”—not the beer, just the attitude.

8. Look ahead, not back.

9. Let's keep the bleachers (it’s the best viewing area in the park) but lose the bums who put down the Cubs. Putting down the Cubs is like kicking a puppy…and we don’t want any of that.

10. Love the Ivy…but remember Wrigley Field is a ballpark not a garden. It’s about the ball club not the building. What other team has fans wearing special jerseys that tout the stadium, rather than the team?

Now let’s play ball!

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