Clark the Cub: Chicago Cubs Mascot Target of Unbearable Ridicule

Clark the Cub: Chicago Cubs Mascot Target of Unbearable Ridicule
Clark the Cub taking the bad wrap for the team

Poor Clark, the Chicago Cubs new mascot, has been having a rough time this week.  The cute cartoon Cubbie bear has become the target of unbearable and undeserved ridicule from social media as well as national television and print media

Clark, who made his debut Monday evening visiting children at Advocate Illinois Masonic's Pediatric Developmental Medical Center,  has been described as terrifying, perverted and nightmarish. He's been accused of taking meth and made an X-rated appearance on Comcast SportsNet, thanks to Deadspin, who managed to get a photoshopped, anatomically correct rendering of Clark with his pants down on air.

What has Clark ever done in his short life besides bring smiles to the faces of sick children?  Why are grown-ups, and many respected journalists acting like bozos picking on a cheerful little mascot who can't fight back.  Hey people, have you ever heard of bullying?

Put your frustration and backlash where it belongs, against the team and management, not an innocent Cubbie bear. Yes, the Cubs suck and may suck even more this year. Yes, the team is a joke. Yes, the Cubs haven't won a World Series in 105 years. Yes, they've had 197 losses in two years. And, yes fans and sports writers are getting tired of the "wait until next year" refrain. It seems that the lovable losers just aren't that lovable anymore. We have collectively lost our patience with the entire organization from Ricketts to Epstein. But sadly we are directing our anger at an innocent symbol.

Sure, Clark may be a little silly looking but he's a cartoon, a mascot...would you rather Spongebob Squarepants?  Let Clark, who may be the best part of the Cubs organization, do his job bringing a family friendly atmosphere to Wrigley Field, visiting sick and underprivileged children and spreading joy and fun..and let the organization get organized.

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