New Year's Eve Drinking: Expert Advice on How to Avoid a Hangover.

New Year's Eve Drinking: Expert Advice on How to Avoid a Hangover.

CHICAGO, Sunday, December 30, 2012. What are you doing New Year's Eve? If it involves drinking, you may want to plan ahead to avoid that dreaded "hangover."  Whether you splurge at a $500 per person all inclusive NYE party or stay at home and imbibe with friends and family (or alone)--with a little drinking smarts, you can avoid those morning after regrets.

With New Year's Eve, the biggest drinking night of the year, only hours away I will share with you the expert advice of Bon Appetit's drinking editor, Andrew Knowlton. Yes, Knowlton, Bon Appetit's restaurant and drink editor, really does get paid to drink on the that makes him a pro. Follow his drinking tips and, no matter, if  you toast in 2013 with Dom Perignon, hit the mark with Makers, or go for the less pricey Skol vodka and the big jug of Carl Rossi Reserve, you can welcome in the New Year and still feel good in the morning.

Knowlton, who's been with Bon Appetit for nearly a dozen years, shared his "five secrets to avoid a hangover" with me last September, when I talked with him at Chicago Gourmet 2012--the popular drinking and eating bash held every summer in Millennium Park. So without further adieu, I will pass along his advice to all for a Happy and Headache Free New Year's Day 2013.

1. Start with a glass of white wine.

2. Next drink light colored spirits.  Knowlton likes gin but suggests "vodka with bitters" for those who are not fans of gin. Whatever spirit you choose, drink it straight, on the rocks or with water...not with sweet sodas or mixes.

3. As the evening continues, switch to brown spirits (scotch, rum, whiskey...pick one).  Knowlton's personal choice is bourbon--on the rocks, straight or with water--again nothing sweet.

4. Save the red wines for last.

5. Always drink slowly and eat along the way.


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    If, like me, you are planning on getting hammered...
    Before, During and After tips for preventing a Hangover.. right on the money!
    Check their blog post:

  • In reply to Alex Hall:

    It sounds pretty good to me. I'm the reporter, he's the pro. Let me know how it works for you and have a Happy New Year.

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