How to Avoid a Hangover: 4 Secrets to the Art of Drinking From Bon Appetit's Drinking Guru Andrew Knowlton.

How to Avoid a Hangover: 4 Secrets to the Art of Drinking From Bon Appetit's Drinking Guru Andrew Knowlton.
Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton shares his expertise on drinking at Chicago Gourmet 2012. Photo credit: Kaufman.

CHICAGO, Tuesday, October 2, 2012. Chicago Gourmet 2012, the drinking and eating marathon that has become a must-attend event for many Chicagoans as well as out-of-town visitors, took place last weekend in Chicago's Front Yard, Millennium Park.

Both Saturday and Sunday were picture perfect days conducive with wanting to get the most out of the day as well as the $160 and up admission fee.

With a who's who of 170 top chefs and vintner's offering all you can eat along with more spirits than you'll see on Halloween night, how can a person remain upright and still sample all of the goodies?

Lucky for me, Bon Appetit's Restaurant and Drinks editor, Andrew Knowlton was willing to share his 4 easy secrets to the art of successful drinking which I will pass along.

Knowlton, who has been with Bon Appetit for 11 years has a tried and true routine that he claims was handed down from his grandmother and perfected through years of on-the-job training.

1. Knowlton always starts his drinking marathons with a glass of white wine.

2. Next he goes to the spirits, starting with the light ones. "Normally I will drink gin with sweet stuff" advises Knowlton.  "Vodka with bitters will work for those who are not a fan of gin."

3. From there, Knowlton says he moves to the brown spirits--his usual choice bourbon--on the rocks, straight or with water--again nothing sweet.

4. Knowlton says save the red wines for last...and remember to eat along the way:)

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