Chicago's Best Burger at Hamburger Hop: The Winner is...


Gentleman (and ladies) Start Your Grills.

It was a little before 6p.m. on Friday, September 24, 2010, the Hamburger Hop showdown on the rooftop of Chicago's Harris Theater was about to begin.  The grills were heating up as was the competition with 15 of Chicago's top chefs putting their culinary skills to the test in an attempt to win the title of Chicago's Top Burger.

The competition was tough from the likes of NoMI who had already been cited for their award-winning burgers in various competitions; from Sola's Carol Wallzck  who said "I'm in it to win it," along with sentimental favorite Eddie Lakin, who put his TRU roots behind him to create "straight up, fast-food" at his Evanston Burger Shop, Edzo. The impressive roster also included: John Coletta, Quartino; Meg Colleran-Sahs, Terzo Piano; Federico Comacchio, Phil Stefani's Steakhouse; Radhika Desai, English; Dirk Flanigan, The Gage; Kevin Hickey, Seasons at Four Seasons Hotel; John Hogan, Keefer's; Stephanie Izard, The Girl & The Goat; Stephan Lawhorn, Palmer Place; Chad Starling, aria; Brian Wright, Rosebud Restaurants and Stu Zirin, D.S. Tequila Company.

Check out the slide show below to see how the evening unfolded and learn the winner of  "Chicago's Best Burger."

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