Twilight Saga: Eclipse: Fans love it. What do the critics think?


Midnight, June 30, marked the debut of the long anticipated third installment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse."  Around Chicago and across the nation tickets were sold out. Some twi-hards (dedicated Twilight fans) waited in line for almost a day. Fans waiting in line were mostly female but crossed multiple generations.  Grandmas, moms and tweens all stayed up late for the chance to be first to moon over the newest of the trilogy.  Click here to see, twi-hard reactions

The Verdict is In.
Fans: 89% loved it.                                                        

twilight fans.jpg

Fans celebrating their tickets.

Critics, not so much with 49% giving it 3 stars or more.

Was Eclipse the best of the trilogy?
Fans overwhelming voted Eclipse the best. 
Critics were more critical.

  • Chicago film critic, Michael Phillips gave Eclipse, 2 stars, saying "For me (Eclipse) is the most ponderous and most sloppily directed" of the three. 
  • The New York Times called "Eclipse" a more robustly entertaining film that either of its predecessors, then added, "What there isn't, as usual, is much in the way of good acting."
  • USA Today said, "This (Eclipse) is definitely the most romantic of the films."
  • The Hollywood Reporter reported that "It took three films, but The Twilight Saga finally nails just the right tone with Eclipse."

Take it to the Bank.
Twilight # 1 took home $392 million.
Twilight # 2 is currently at the $709 million mark.
Twilight # 3 is in line to top that.  It has already set a record for advance sales and according to is the biggest domestic release in Tinseltown's history.

Two upcoming events for Twi-hards.
Today, June 30.  Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge is having what they call a Hollywood premiere party starting at 12:30p.m.  In attendance will be Twilight Saga: Eclipse stars, Gil Birmingham "Billy Black" (Jacob's father) and Justin Chon, "Eric Yorkie."

Creation Entertainment is holding an "Official Twilight Convention" Friday July 9 through Sunday, July 11 at the Indianapolis Marriott East in Indianapolis. 7202 East 21st St.

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