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Shop Small Day 278: MCAI

I’m not certain if today’s business/service truly qualifies as a small business, but the experience definitely sets it apart from the rest. Ok, ladies. Today we’re talking about ta-tas. Particularly, getting yours checked. If you’ve been delaying your annual (or first) mammogram because you’re nervous…your anxiety will be calmed at Midwest Center for Imaging. Apparaently... Read more »

Shop Small Day 272: Gift cards that kick start New Year's Resolutions

A manicure and a martini?Yes, please! <a href=""target="_blank">Cosmos Beauty Bar</a>  is a full service bar within a mani/pedi salon.  Need I say more?!
I usually try to avoid giving gift certificates, they just seem too impersonal. Of course, though, there are definitely some exceptions. In fact, a gift card to any of these awesome small businesses will tell the recipient that you understand exactly what they want! New to Shop Small 2013 and want to know how this... Read more »

Shop Small Day 271: WeDeliver

I know the story, city friends. You want to shop small but parking is a nightmare, and it’s just so convenient having something shipped to your door. Right? You just lost your excuse. How does same-day delivery from some of your favorite small businesses in Chicago sound? It’s all possible with the great folks at... Read more »

Shop Small Day 269: My Happy Feet

This past week, three different women have told me they need to start taking better care of themselves. They workout, eat healthy, but feel they rarely take much-needed time to relax. When there’s cleaning to do, holiday gifts to buy, and a never ending to-do list, sitting down to read a book for an hour to... Read more »

Shop Small Day 232: Earth Mama Esthetics

It’s time to get your Zen on. Probably because I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 13 years, I’ve never considered massage therapy a luxury. Instead, it’s always been a vital part of my well-being routine. I’ll take a massage to boost my immunity, decrease pain, or improve my sleep quality over medical prescriptions any... Read more »

Shop Small Day 229: Acorn Portraits

Believe it or not, my kids are almost 11 & 12 and we’ve never had professional family portraits taken. I’ve always found them too staged and figured the candid shots we take are better. Of course, that also means we’re rarely all in the photo together- especially since I’m usually the one snapping the pictures.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 226: Plainfield Dance Academy

It’s time to dust off those leotards and ballet shoes that are shoved into the back of your drawer. There’s a new ballet studio in town. Though my formal dance training days ended years (ok, decades) ago, I have to admit I’m feeling the pull of the studio: the barres, the mirrors, soothing classical music.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 222: Appliance Parts Suppliers

Murphy’s Law: when one appliance goes out, they’ll all go out. Having a service person come to the house can get expensive, and time consuming considering a second trip is usually required since the part is never on the truck. Even if you aren’t a self-proclaimed do it yourselfer, you can probably handle most appliance... Read more »

Shop Small Day 218: Riverbrook Bike & Ski

In the past 10 years I think I have rode my bicycle twice. So the reason I was intrigued to check out today’s shop was less about the inventory and more about the building itself. But, I left the store feeling enthusiastic about both! Riverbrook Bike & Ski isn’t just a great small shop, it’s... Read more »

Shop Small Day 208: Small Smiles

You probably don’t hear from kids too often that they love their dentist.  But Dr. Dave is no ordinary dentist.  Parents love him, kids adore him, and his staff is just as incredible.   Even if your child is barely out of diapers, call to get on the waiting list because everyone is trying to... Read more »