Day 80: Books, books, books!

I am a book junkie. For several years I've come close to achieving my goal of reading 50 books in one year. This may be my year! While I borrow get the majority of my books from the library, I do buy a few throughout the year. New hardcovers are a little pricey for the number of books I read, so that's why I'm thrilled my friend told me about


Specializing in used books, Bookhunters, feels like you've been transported to a different world, especially as you go deeper into the store.

If you remember when Naperville used to have an abundance of small businesses, you may remember Book Zeller. This has a similar feel: like you may stumble upon a treasure (without the fear of breaking your neck on the stairs!).

Owner Vicki couldn't be any sweeter, and her Tennessee accent makes you want to pull up a chair and visit all day. She's just about to celebrate her year anniversary in a location I sadly didn't even know existed.

If you like fancy bookstores where the employees know little about books, this is not the place for you. If you love perusing cozy pine bookshelves for a hidden treasure, and you carry your books hugged close, Bookhunters is for you. It would have been perfect fate to stumble upon a Frank Warren PostSecret book here (if you aren't familiar with this worldwide phenomenon, check them out!).
The shelves are neatly organized by category and author. Though there aren't many new releases, there is a great selection: obviously fiction & non, but plenty of comics/manga, business, classics, sports, history, and kids. There's even a section of first editions and signed books too.

It's a good thing I set my timer to pick my kids up from school, I could have stayed lost in here all day.

If you have books to sell, or are looking for your next great read, head to Bookhunters. True to its treasure-hunting experience, they don't have a website, just a very limited Facebook page.

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