When Your Friend Gets a SAG Nomination

I’m not going to brag for my friend Brandon Tabassi. I’m proud of him. He took a role (and I say took, not “got” which has an ignorance and abruptness to it; nor do I say “received.” Knowing Brandon, I’m sure he took it, as much as we can take roles. He walked in the... Read more »

On-Set Photography: An Endorsement

On-Set Photography: An Endorsement
Nobody likes to “hold for still,” I know. On set a few weeks ago I probably called for this a total of five times. Mostly, I had no idea how to use it. I’d never been on a set with a stills photographer before, or maybe I had and I’d thought someone was calling for physical... Read more »

How I Got to Chicago

I didn’t expect to be in Chicago for long. My plane from LA touching down on the tarmac was a cocktail of uncertain joy and a two fat olives oozing a cloudy brown bitterness. I’d bought the tickets to see a girlfriend; a day later, she was an ex and I decided to go anyway.... Read more »