Time After Time

Time After Time

If you ever enter a store or coffee shop and see some strange girl feverishly trying to get her cell phone as close to the speakers as possible (not at all unlike John Cusack holding a boom box over his head), it's probably me, and I'm probably trying to get Shazam to hear whatever song it is that's playing.

Shazam is probably one of my favorite apps ever created.  I often hear music while I'm out, and I want to instantly know what it is so that I can go home and download it later (despite this, I apparently have such eclectic taste in music that I've managed to stump Shazam on more than one occasion).  Back in the day we didn't have the privilege of such an app to help us find songs that we wish to own.  I remember an instance in high school when I literally went to almost everyone I knew and tried to hum out the main melody from a song I heard on the radio that I wanted to go find on CD.  Poor little flannel wearing me was met by a lot of blank stares and strange looks.  I later did discover that the song I was seeking was "In the Meantime" by Spacehog (oh yeah, how 90's of me).

Nowadays, I am in luck, because I just need to try and pull out my handy dandy phone in time, and hope there isn't too much background noise, to capture the song in question.  This served me well on my recent trip to Los Angeles.  I was in a coffee shop in West Hollywood called Alfred Coffee (first place that I've ever seen with logo branded whole coconuts in a fridge for those wanting fresh coconut water).  It was an interesting place that was, essentially, in a basement, but had a line going up to the first floor.  As I waited almost 20 minutes for my cold brew nitro coffee (a recent love of mine) I was chatted up by a guy in line who spoke to me as if I was a local and knew the shop, and then proceeded to tell me that he thought it was rubbish (but he still waited the 15-20 minutes in line with me to get his coffee anyways).  I'm not sure if he was trying to flirt with me or not, but based on the fact that I was surrounded by skinny jean/crop top wearing tiny chicks who were much younger, I doubt that was the case (unless he liked me since I was the anti-LA).  If he was, he surely could have won me over with his coffee narcissism (*sarcastic face*).

Once I finally had my wonderful cold brew (which I thought was pretty darn good, by the way), I took a seat so that I could charge my phone before heading to a yoga class (I was being quite LA cliché... plus, I actually do really like yoga, and the class I was going to was at a place called Playlist Yoga, where they apparently blast the music nice and loud... my kind of place!).  As I was sitting there, a familiar song came on, but with a different take.  If you recall from last week, I mentioned how I love a good cover song.  Not a cover that tries really hard to sound like the original, but a cover that has it's own original take on a well known song.  In this case, it was a rock and roll version of Cyndi Lauper's beloved hit, "Time After Time."  I quickly whipped out my phone and opened Shazam.  Side note... whenever I use Shazam, it's really hard for me to not make wizard like motions while yelling, "Shazam!" as loudly as I can.

I hope you enjoy this take on an old favorite too... "Time After Time" by Quietdrive:

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