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I am feeling totally overwhelmed in all the best ways this week. I don’t think overwhelmed counts as an emotion but if it did, it would be the one I feel most often. This week, I have been feeling overwhelmingly grateful. I did a thank you in my last entry but now I have something else to be thankful for. Wednesday I accepted a new direct sales job. Everyone I have told about this opportunity has been so supportive and has been offering to help. I am so excited to get started in a job that will give me great experience and likely lots of blog fodder.

Sunday I spent a great Easter with my family. In addition to Easter, it was also my Grandpa’s 80th birthday. At the party my great grandma held her great-great grandson. 100 years separate them. My grandpa held the baby next.  80 years separate him and his great grandson. To put this all in perspective, my great grandma holding her great-great grandson would be the same as my grandpa holding the baby of the baby he was holding. Wrap your brain around that. CRAZY!

I brought white Russian cupcakes to the party. It was a recipe I found on Pinterest ( but I subbed out the vodka for a little extra Kahlua, whole milk/water and vanilla. Also, I used chocolate whole milk since that was what I had in the house. They were a huge hit! It really felt good to make something people liked so much.  My cousin told me that I might be in charge of brining those cupcakes from now on, an assignment I will gladly take. If you are ever looking for the perfect dessert to bring, I suggest these. One note: The icing they suggest can be hard to make and tends to melt. I made a simple cream cheese frosting with 2 splashes of Kahlua and everyone was pleased.

This week I realized I have an odd sense of rage regarding crosswalks. Illinois state laws says that if a person is in a crosswalk, traffic must stop to let them cross. I live by a very busy street that can be difficult to cross. Fortunately there are crosswalks. I was half way across the street yesterday when it became clear a car coming from the other direction wasn’t going to stop. I indignantly pointed at the crosswalk and the jerk slowed down and yelled “ya but it doesn’t say stop!” I should have let it roll off me but 24 hours later I am still worked up about it.  All my driver friends, please nice to people crossing in crosswalks.

This ferry disaster in South Korea has me pretty worked up. When I was in Thailand a bunch of years ago we took a boat to an island in the South China Sea. We were packed below deck well over capacity on an old ship with no life jackets (similar to the ferry but the ferry had life jackets). The weather was awful and the boat listed a frightening amount. After that ordeal I remember writing a rather funny email home about it all. This ferry disaster is bringing back memories of how afraid for my life I actually was. I’d love to go back to South East Asia but I can say with certainty, I will never get on a boat there again.

I know I’ve given daytime TV a slot of crap but I’ve learned a few things from daytime TV too. Right now I am watching a PBS show about mollusks. Turns out you can eat oysters in months that don’t have an “r” in them; they just won’t taste very good. Which begs the question, why would you eat an expensive food when you KNOW it won’t taste very good? Oyster farming in an unexplored career path for me but this show is calling to my soul.

Monday evening I broke my phone and ended up changing cell phone providers. A tip: only change cell phone providers on a day you are feeling really good about yourself, intelligent, and capable of high level reasoning. I was emotionally venerable since I broke my phone the day I was supposed to hear about my new job, and was completely lost during the whole buying process. My mind couldn’t do basic math, I wasn’t asking good questions, and worst of all, I knew I was being given bad information but I was getting emotional rather than rational. Learn from me and make sure your self-confidence is high before stepping foot into a mobile phone store.

One of life’s simplest joys is hearing a child say your name. I remember the day my oldest nephew first called me Auntie. Every single time he says my name my heart swells. At my Goddaughter’s 6th birthday party I overheard her tell her friends “isn’t it funny how my Auntie Gator calls me doll face!” I love that to her, my name being “Auntie GATOR” is totally normal but me calling her doll face, now that is silly.

I feel like I do my best writing when I allow myself to do several paragraphs on whatever random thoughts flutter through my brain. I hope you can get/stay on board with this.

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