So this is adulthood hu? (part 1)

Things I did not expect about adulthood:

My lack of a mortgage, a husband, and a dependent leads some to believe I am not an actual adult despite the fact that I am know my credit score, get my bone density checked, and use a sonic care toothbrush.

Although I live with no one under the drinking age, I still keep my alcohol in a high up cabinet.

I remember thinking my mom was crazy for how often she wanted the carpet vacuumed. Now I want the carpet vacuumed that often.

It’s still weird to me when I have good advice to give.

I swear my metabolism took a noise dive 48 hours after my 30th birthday. I had heard stories about this but never thought it would happen to me! It did. And it has gotten worse every year since.

When I walked to work I used to pass the same homeless people every day. When I first started taking that daily walk I remember thinking “one day this won’t bother me. One day I won’t be affected by seeing these homeless people.” That day NEVER came. Every day for 6 years it hurt me to walk past those people. I thought that I would out grown my inability to separate myself from others like this.

Despite having no dependents of my own, adulthood has turned me into a person who cries when she hears something has happened to a child. Funny thing is, I cry at good or bad things. What the hell is that! Someone saves a drowning child, tears. Drowning child doesn’t get saved, tears.

My parent’s bed was made every day because my mom made it. Little elves didn’t make their bed and they won’t make mine. That sucks.

That line between wrong and right that was so clear as a child? It has become considerably duller now that I am an adult.

I need my best friend in so many ways. When I was younger I didn’t put much stock in the idea that my parents were each others best friends and that is why they wanted to spend so much time together but now, as a grown up myself, I realize that I still want to share as much as possible with my best friend. Sure it is different, we aren’t in love or anything but still, we are best friends and she is the very first person I want to share anything with, good or bad. You don’t out grow that want to share. All my role models found it in a spouse; I found it in someone else.

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