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Observations about my life and perhaps the lives of other 30somethings, presented with comment… 

Last week I slept over at two friends’ houses. It’s not at all unusual for me to crash on a friend’s couch. Sometimes I wonder if my married with children friends feel like they missed out being able to do this. Then it occurs to me they probably feel like I’m missing out on something by not being married with children. I bet we are all ok with the lives we chose.

Making friends after college is interesting. It seems as though every few years I end up making almost all new friends as all of our lives change and we find ourselves in different places. Some of these post-college friendships seem to run their course and pitter out in a way that my college friendships have not. This of course is not a universal statement and even when it does apply it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We all grow and we all change; it’s a good life lesson to recognize the people you will grow closer to and those you grow apart from.

I hate when people who never had to date in a digital age try to give me dating advice. Dating technology is changing at the same rate as all other technology. If you never had to try to figure out the perfect way to strike up a text conversation with a stranger I don’t want your unsolicited advice.

The generations above me seem to think my generation wants things without working for them. I don’t think that is the case at all. What we want is a fair deal. They seem to forget the upward mobility they had because people retired and so they could stay at one company for their whole careers and continue to advance. For a variety of reasons, this is no longer the case. Basically what I’m saying is old people need to retire.

Facebook tells me that I have a number of friends who have had to call their insurance companies and argue with them. I often wonder if I am doing something wrong because I have never called my insurance company. Am I being ripped off?

My roommate and I are supposed to do the “21 day beach body cleanse.” After looking through the manual Roommate’s only comment was “I don’t see wine anywhere on here.” So what it comes down to is, now my roommate and I are doing the “21 day beach body tidy-up.”

Headbands are so cute but they give me bad headaches. Am I wearing headbands wrong? Also on the topic of headaches, if you post on Facebook that you have a migraine I do not believe you.  If you had a migraine the last thing you would want to do is have to look at a computer screen even one more second. Not every headache is a migraine.

I used to watch that show Parenthood but I had to stop because I started to feel like that family was cursed. Seriously, how many terrible things can happen to one group of people? Now the commercials show that one of the kids is going to be in an accident! It stopped being entertaining when I just got worried about them.

I was sure that by 32 I would understand how to create a nutritious meal with all food groups represented. As it turns out, I don’t.

Other things I thought I would have under control by 32: nightmares and ear infections. I still get awful nightmares that wake me up shaking, sweating and still scared. Every other year or so I get an earache so bad that it requires medical attention. This doesn’t even count the lesser ones I get more frequently and treat over the counter. I associate nightmares and earaches with toddler years, not your 30s.

If you complain to me about money but still have cable, you do not have money problems. You have money management problems.

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  • I like that last sentence, may I steal it?

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    Yes, you are welcome to! And thanks for reading.

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