The Bears KICKED Out of the Playoffs

Remind me again why we parted ways with Robbie Gould? An unexpected and wildly successful Bears season ended with a thud off the upright and then the crossbar and tumbled the wrong way onto the field instead of over the goal post...and just like that the post season for the Bears is done. A very sad ending to what was a very fun and exciting season with our first year head coach, rookie (sorta) quarterback, and that mighty D (as in Defense).

The Monsters of the Midway were back and won way more games than anyone expected or predicted at the beginning of the season. So it hurts even more to have the season end in this way shutting down what was a great year with such an unspectacular yet feared result if it hinged on our kicker...which it unfortunately did.

If the Bears had a chance of winning they needed to make sure the game did NOT hinge on Parkey to make the game winning kick. They needed to do it by scoring on offense or even defense as they did much of the regular season. Leaving it up to a kicker who struggled on and off all year led to the downfall of this greatly improved Bears team.

Such a letdown - such a bummer - the ending kicked the life out of the stadium and kicked the hopes of the Bears faithful from having more games to watch in the playoffs. It was fun while it lasted and we all feel that it didn't last long enough. Seeing all the crazy plays that Coach Nagy threw in all year, watching our QB Mitchell Trubisky mature and grow as the season went on, our Mack attack (and Hicks, Fuller, Smith, Danny, Prince, and our entire Monster D), Tariq, Jordan, Taylor, Allen, Trey and our entire improved offense and great special teams plays...thanks for a great season. Now could someone please call Kevin Butler (what are you up to these days anyway?) or Robbie Gould and get them back in a Bears uniform for next year? Please please please...


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