LPGA's Lexi Thompson Get's Screwed out of Major Title by TV Viewer

Would someone at the USGA and the R&A PLEASE come up with a rule that tournament outcomes cannot be decided by TV viewers who call in with possible rules violations - especially when the violation occurred the previous day. Lexi Thompson of the LPGA was assessed a 4 STROKE penalty for an unintentionally mis-marked ball on the green in Saturday's round - and it was not enforced until SUNDAY'S final round when she was 4 shots up and was notified by LPGA officials between the 12th & 13th holes. This is just bull@@@@ - that a TV viewer can affect the outcome of a tournament.
It has happened before - to Anna Nordqvist in the U.S. Open just last July when a Fox broadcaster called into question if her club brushed the sand. The players were not told of the penalty until they were in the middle of playing the final playoff hole and Nordqvist lost to Brittany Lang. You could not see Anna's club brush the sand with the naked eye - it took a super zoomed in view through the TV broadcast to catch it and it showed a few grains of sand had slightly moved....again, not viewable to the naked eye, and unbeknownst to the player it affected and again, unintentional.
With all the missed calls in baseball and basketball (note some game changing calls in the men's NCAA tournament this year), the outcomes still stand and no matter how many viewers text, tweet, email or call in - the final scores stand. Can you imagine what would happen if they had to replay pro baseball or basketball games due to missed calls by the refs because fans had emailed in about said missed calls? It would be ridiculous.
Lexi Thompson's score for Saturday's round in the first major of the LPGA season should have been in the books - signed, sealed and delivered and she would have won handily today. The fact that some ass@@@ fan can email in that they caught a minor UNINTENTIONAL rules violation and it changes the outcome of a professional golf tournament is a JOKE...and this must change. It is an embarrassment to the LPGA and professional golf and it was sickening to watch what it did to Lexi and her fellow competitors who also suffered with this decision to penalize Thompson and how it changed the outcome. Even the eventual winner So Yeon Ryu said it felt strange and sad to win this way.
Absolutely ridiculous - the ensuing tweets were wild and one guy wrote - "Oh hey I'm watching the World Series and that pitch was actually a strike, not a ball" "ok son you're out". A PGA player tweeted "Unbelievable. Such a shame for @Lexi. The guy eating cheetos at home shouldn't have a say in the outcome." I couldn't have tweeted my feelings any better than these two!
Lexi handled herself with class and came back to tie the new tourney leader for a chance at still winning the event and taking it to extra holes with eventual winner Ryu. While Lexi didn't win - she won over a ton of fans for the way she handled herself and somehow playing her way into the playoff. Crazy composure to be able to pull this off when your world has just been upended in the middle of a major tournament.
RULES OFFICIALS are you listening? DO something so Joe Schmo at home can't impact the outcome of a professional event ever again. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

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