Two in a Row for the Chicago Sky

With the return of  Chicago Sky superstar Elena Delle Donne - game two of her return has proven to take this team to the next level just by being there in uniform. For you see, Delle Donne is coming into the games off the bench to conserve her energy and get her game legs back after being out for nearly two months. Yet, this "bench player" outscored all players on the court tonight with 21points in just 16 minutes and 23 seconds of game time...I am impressed every time I watch this beautiful athlete play and tonight was no exception.

Kudos to the rest of the Sky squad for playing good defense, limiting turnovers and contributing points, blocks and steals to beat the Washington Mystics 76-65. The Sky led for most of the game often by double digits and as was fitting tonight, won the game by double digits helping the cause to stay in the race for the 2014 playoffs.

There is no doubt that with Delle Donne back, even part-time, there is a different vibe to the team, the Allstate Arena, and the fans in general. There's a confidence to the team that is lacking when she's not on the bench or in uniform, a swagger if you will, and it leads to great basketball, lots more scoring and it is most certainly much more fun to watch than a team struggling with its identity and losing consecutive games in a row. Two in a row victories - now that's more like it!

I know as a sports writer I am supposed to be unbiased and report the facts - but one of the facts is that Elena Delle Donne is a special player and we are lucky to have the privilege to watch her play whether it's for 15 minutes, 16 minutes and 23 seconds or an entire game. They might not have a cure for that wicked Lyme Disease that resides within Delle Donne, but there IS a cure for the Chicago Sky losing and that is having a healthy Delle Donne back in the lineup. GO SKY!



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