Chicago Sky Road Trip & Update

June recap - 2 wins, 7 loses - thank goodness June is over and bring on July. Major road trip to start out the new month and it started out in a good way with a big win against the L.A. Sparks but then things turned sour again with a loss against the Phoenix Mercury and another loss two days later against the Seattle Storm. The Phoenix game was a big rout losing by 18 while the loss in Seattle was much more competitive with the Sky losing by 7. So July starts out with 1 win and 2 losses.

Our Sky team has headed home for a match-up Wednesday against the Washington Mystics and a Friday home game against the Phoenix Mercury. We'll be without starting point guard Courtney Vandersloot and more than likely we'll still be without Elena Delle Donne - Sloot due to injury and Delle Donne due to illness. For a season that started out in such fine fashion with the team going 5 and 1 for the best start in franchise history, the rest of the season has been trying to say the least. The team is now 8 and 10 on the season and tied with Indiana at 4 1/2 games back of Eastern Conference leaders Atlanta Dream.

Not sure how many of you saw the long article in the Chicago Tribune a few days ago on our scoring leader and face of the franchise Elena Delle Donne so I've included it here for your review. It is interesting, depressing, confusing and not exactly what Sky fans want to hear. Read it and see for yourself.  Elena Delle Donne's health a major issue for Sky

Here's what I think - the Chicago Sky team is comprised of female professional athletes and it is led by a professional coaching with or without Sloot or Delle Donne - the show must go on. The loss the other night was particularly agonizing as the Sky kept up with Seattle until the very end. The game featured 14 lead changes and 11 ties and the Storm needed a 9-2 run in the closing minutes to break free from a 71-71 tie with 3:13 remaining in the fourth. The Storm needed a 9-2 run and the Sky gave it to them resulting in another loss.

Losing isn't fun and watching the Sky lose isn't fun and the more it happens the more tense everyone gets. Maybe it's time to remind our team that being blessed with such talent on the court and in the coaching staff is enough. It's time to remember that this is a game and games are supposed to be fun - relax and let your talents shine and the positive results will come. The harder everyone presses the worse things get.

So I'll tell you why relaxing and letting your talents shine works - case in point  LPGA Tour player Michelle Wie - a wunderkind who has had pressure to excel on her shoulders for nearly a decade and once she adopted the philosophy that golf is a game and she was going to start having fun playing the game, she has started winning....this year she has 10 top-ten finishes, 2 victories with the most recent being the U.S. Women's Open (a major championship) and has over $1.6 million dollars in earnings. At the Open she was challenged by #1 ranked player Stacy Lewis and nearly gave it away but Wie kept smiling, kept her cool, let her very strong natural talent take over and she won. Yes, this philosophy works and it can for the Sky too. I believe it because our squad is VERY talented and once they believe it as a cohesive unit, relax, smile and enjoy the game they all supposedly love - the rest will take care of itself and we'll be back on the road to winning. As Wie noted, she is blessed to have the opportunity to play the game she too are the Chicago Sky players - blessed to have the opportunity to play the game they love on a professional level.

I'll be at the game Wednesday and hope to see a happy Chicago Sky Coaching staff and team when my group gets there because our philosophy as fans is we like being happy and winning makes US happy. I believe, I believe, I believe....GO SKY!


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