A PRINCE of a Game For the Chicago Sky (Epiphanny that is!)

Yesterday's victory for the Chicago Sky was an important one for so many reasons - first and foremost it has put a halt to a string of losses incurred in the month of June and put them back in the WIN column. Secondly, it was on someone else's home court, namely the New York Liberty and at Madison Square Garden. Thirdly, and maybe some would argue this is the most important reason of all, the Sky won without our superstar of all things basketball, Elena Delle Donne. 
Sadly, Elena has had to return to her home in Delaware for treatment due to the recurrence of Lyme disease which has knocked her off the Sky roster for 6 of the last 7 games, and one can only guess for how many more now that she has gone home to seek treatment. It has been tough on the Sky squad, the coaches, the owners and the fans who all come out in droves to see their superstar in action. We can only imagine how hard this is on Elena as she's the one dealing with this sometimes debilitating disease. Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdoreri, which is carried primarily by deer ticks...a long name for a bacteria carried on such a little critter. The ticks are brown and when young, they're often no bigger than the head of a pin making them nearly impossible to spot. Not to be a smart-ass by any means, but these bugs tick me off after seeing the toll they can take on someone who is in top physical shape otherwise. Get well soon....Elena - we all miss you!
Now to the good stuff, Epiphanny Prince came to play last night - scoring 30 points and making it look so easy that even one of the announcers said "it looks like she's hardly breaking a sweat." No question the game ball goes to Piph for putting it to the Liberty and their head coach Bill Laimbeer (sorry I can't get over disliking him from his playing days). Also putting it to the Liberty were Allie Quigley with 11 points and Tamera Young with 13. All in all, it led to the V-V Victory for the Chicago Sky winning 73-69. Also good to have Sylvia Fowles back and allowing her to get her game back after hip surgery - she put in just over 21 minutes in last night's game and got into a bit of foul trouble as did Jessica Breland, but you know what that means - a defensive mindset which is always a good thing. 
One down, 3 to go on this road trip which takes the Chicago Sky to L.A. for a Sparks game Tuesday night (airing on ESPN2), then to Phoenix and finally to Seattle. So let's LIGHT UP the Sparks, MENACE the Mercury and finally STORM into Seattle. GO SKY!

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