Our Own Winter Games - Take That Sochi!

With the weather we've all been suffering through this winter (which never ends!) it is a good thing it is an Olympics year because the diversion has been greatly appreciated. I saw the funniest comment on a fellow blogger's site that they should have held the winter Olympics here instead of Sochi since we certainly have more wintry weather than Russia! Frozen great lakes, high mounds of snow, icy sidewalks and roads - perfect conditions and venues all ready to go for skating, sledding, skiing and going downhill fast!

In the 2014 Olympics we've seen many wipeouts, spin outs and uncontrolled sliding downhill...much like driving on our roads and trying to walk on our sidewalks this winter. The only problem with our many wipeouts, spin outs and uncontrolled sliding downhill, we aren't vying for getting onto the podium to win a medal, we're trying to get on an el platform, the tollway, the metro and the streets of Chicago or the suburbs to wend our ways to work and home again in one piece. All in all, so many olympian efforts have been on display this year in this regard, we should all earn gold medals. Not to mention the olympian efforts of our road workers and plow drivers who have done a spectacular job of keeping us all mobile during these challenging winter games of 2014.

So, more snow is predicted tomorrow and another big storm possible for next weekend - I reiterate, the winter that will never end. I want this to be like Russian figure skating hero Evgeni Plushenko - I want to call it quits for this our winter games due to injury - a nagging shoulder, elbow and aching legs from snow blowing, shoveling and sweeping so often it feels like part of a training routine. A training routine that I want to quit immediately...I'd consider taking up curling but that involves sweeping of a sort and I don't want any part of that either. I'd consider taking up ice dancing but I've already slipped and slided enough this year too. The only kind of skiing I even want to think about is WATER skiing on a lake in the warm summer sun but I don't think my aching shoulder, elbow or legs could take that after this winter.

As someone who works in the golf business, the snow blowing, shoveling and sweeping are of absolute no use in training for golf or for keeping one's game in the groove. In fact, snow blowing, shoveling and sweeping are bad things to do for golfers as they strain the lower back, wrench the shoulders and strain leg muscles - me thinks our chiropractors and doctors are going to be busy this spring putting us all back together again.

So yes we're probably in for some more snow tomorrow and possibly even more over the weekend - here's a warm thought for all of you golfers out there - the Chicago Golf Show runs this weekend at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. Booths full of golf clubs, golf courses, golf trips and golf vacations....time to move onto our SUMMER games - take that Sochi! See you at the golf show this weekend at the GolfChicago! magazine booth!


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