The Good, The Bad & The Potholes

Okay, so I guess we're all just lucky to be alive and in one piece the way this winter is going - what with all the snow, blowing, ice and freezing temperatures. This is a total flashback to when I was a kid and EVERY winter was like this and it started even earlier and lasted even longer. As an adult, I could not tolerate it if every winter was like this one - we have been very spoiled the last 10 years or so when our winters have been much milder. In fact,  two years ago we had to open up our golf course nearly a month early because it was around 80 degrees for a week or so in March! Oh how I long for those days!!!!

In the sports world, what's good and what's bad these days. Bad - Bears are done for the season much too early. Bad - Derrick Rose is probably out for the season and Luol Deng (who I just love!) is gone from the Bulls. Bad but overall not too bad - the Hawks were in a bit of a slump for a few games but have rebounded and now face some of the toughest teams in the NHL. The outcomes of these games will tell a lot about how the Hawks will end up in this year. Still lovin' these boys on blades and still believin' in them. The really bad - and this relates to the sport of driving around our fair city and suburbs - those blasted potholes - on Friday they were everywhere! I was trying to make my way to Evanston from Gurnee to go to Northwestern University campus for an interview for the golf mag I write for - and it was like half of the roads were missing in some areas. It was so bad, plus it was ice-raining out and the roads were slick as all getout, I pulled the plug on my trip and went home and got "potted" after dealing with those deadly pothole filled roads.

Good - Chicago Sky players Sylvia Fowles, Elena Delle Donne and Courtney Vandersloot are among 33 players named to the U.S. Women's National Basketball team pool for the 2014 world championships and the 2016 Olympics. Good as Gold - Gracie that is - Springfield Illinois' Gracie Gold wins the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championship held in Boston this past weekend and will represent Team USA in the upcoming Sochi Olympics in February. Good - Highland Park native Jason Brown takes 2nd in the men's division at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and earns a trip to Sochi! He put on quite a show and was really terrific in his free skate performance on Sunday (since there were no Bears games to watch, admittedly we watched the figure skating competition instead of football).  The crowd went wild over his performance which was athletic, graceful and really fun to watch - way to go Gracie Gold and Jason Brown - see you in Sochi.

Well, winter is back today which is bad - it's gray, a bit snowy, much colder and pretty much normal for the way this winter has gone so far. At least it's above zero after last week's freeze out - can you believe it was a 60+ degree difference from last Monday to yesterday? I can concur based on all the potholes in our way which tend to happen when the weather goes up and down like this - just keep your eyes on the road and watch your step - we're not Blackhawks nor Olympic figure skaters when it comes to staying upright on the ice! Making it home without a flat tire - GOOD; taking a walk or just hoofing it anywhere and falling on the ice - BAD! Be careful out there - there's good, there's bad and there are POTHOLES everywhere!

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