Da Bears in Da First Place....Da Hoopla Ensues

Okay, I admit it, I wasn't very pleased with the first half of the Bears vs. Browns game and got very sweaty palms when Cutler threw those interceptions, but I have to tip my Bears hat to him for hanging in there and pulling off the victory. I could hear those laptops clacking and those smart phones ringing as everyone and their brother started doubting putting Cutler in to start when Josh McCown served us so well as the backup QB in his absence.

I can't remember if it was announcer Thom Brennaman or Brian Billick but one of them kept harping on the fact that Cutler spent too much time throwing to one target, Brandon Marshall, (a great target he is, but diversification wins games especially when you have an Alshon Jeffery on your squad....hint, hint JC), and I tend to agree with the broadcaster.  Yes, JC and Brandon Marshall have a great history, but you CANNOT ignore the talents of Forte and Jeffrey if you want to keep winning. Why waste talent when you have talent? Kudos to Matt Forte for another monster's of the midway big game with 127 yards rushing and to Alshon Jeffery for another insane catch (he is becoming the star of NFL highlight shows all over the country with his unbelievable catches).

NFC North - Division Standings after last night's game where the Detroit Lions lost to the Baltimore Ravens:   Da BEARS IN FIRST PLACE! Prophetically, the Bears-Eagles game was moved to the Sunday night game on NBC before they even knew if we'd be in the hunt for the play-offs, so BOO YA - LET"S GO BEARS! You must beat the Eagles, a team I truly despise as I cannot support a team that has a Michael Vick on it - sorry to all the rest of the Phillie Eagles players and coaches, but when you employ a scum bag like Vick, I will not support your franchise in any way and I hope the Chicago Bears kick your ass on Sunday night! HO HO HO - happy holidays and GO BEARS!!!!

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