Da Bad Lose Bears

The Packers lose, the Lions lose and with the NFC North Title within grasp with a win, the Bears lose Big and Ugly. Final score 54 to 11 and that doesn't even come close to describing how ugly this game was from top to bottom, from defense to offense. It was hard to watch once the Eagles took an early 21 to zip lead - the game was out of reach before it barely started. Trestman called it a "terrible" football game which for the soft-spoken head coach, spoke volumes about this particular outcome.

How frustrating this was - just when you think the team might have a chance to shine on national TV, they looked, for lack of a better word, like CRAP. To quote the very quotable Bart Simpson, they looked craptacular in every respect. Offense, CRAP - Defense - CRAP - fumbles, sacks, gaps so big in the defense, even I could have run through the gaping holes. How disappointing when everyone's hopes were so high after Detroit and Green Bay lost - the title was ours to claim. Instead, the title was within sight - and then far out of sight.

This leaves the fate of Da Bears in the hands of the Packers - sure, it will make for much excitement, but there is a very real chance that Aaron Rodgers could be back at the helm of the Green Bay Packers and then what? Even with the rust he might have after being on the injured list for several weeks, he will still more than likely bring his "A" game. With the Bears "F' game tonight, we could be in trouble...

And now let the debate begin again on who will start for the Bears - Cutler, McCown, McCown, Cutler...I think we all know the answer to this one whether we agree with it or not. Cutler is the starting quarterback for Trestman's Bears and he will most likely be starting next Sunday against the Pack. Cutler was battered in this game with 5 sacks so it's a miracle he's still standing after taking such a beating and with his injury history.

Only 7 more days to find out which Bears team will show up next Sunday - until then, let's all try to forget about this pounding by Philly and turn our attention to something much more important - Christmas is in 3 days. Get those presents wrapped, buy all that delicious food, and get together with family and friends to celebrate...eat, drink and make Merry. Happy holidays and we'll see you next Sunday!


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