Chicago Bears Packed Up for Season

Yesterday's Bears vs. Packers game was exciting, bizarre, and unfortunately for Bears fans, true to form with the Packers edging out Da Bears 33-28. The Chicago offense wasn't offensive and the Chicago defense wasn't there once again, much like the rest of the season. End result, Da Bears have to pack it in for the season and we can all turn our full attention to the much more worthy Blackhawks. At least they know how to win - over and over and over again.

Cutler, Forte, Marshall and Jeffrey all came to play yesterday, and the defense held up pretty well in the first half, but come the second half, more of the same sub-par play reared its ugly head and the Packers and returning all-star QB Aaron Rodgers took full advantage. Da Bears gave us false hopes of hanging in there and possibly pulling off the victory like they had so many times this season - only to dash our hopes over and over again. More of the same old disappointment from our beloved Bears and no playoff games to look forward to at all. Now I personally don't care who wins or goes to the Super Bowl - NO Bears DON'T Care.

Some of you may have interests in some of the collegiate bowl games, many have interests in collegiate basketball which is now in full swing and in Chicago we have a lot of interest in the Blackhawks and for good reason...they're still one of the best teams in the NHL. Will we be celebrating another Stanley Cup championship in 2014? We most certainly won't be celebrating a Super Bowl championship and the hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy. The only hoisting we'll be doing is of our snow shovels the way this winter season has been going - too cold, too much snow (at least up north in the frozen burbs). Time to think about a warm weather trip and the hoisting of a cocktail with an umbrella in it - sunshine, sand, golf courses and swimming pools. Why are the Chicago Bears like our winter so far? They both SUCK!


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