Blackhawks Score Avalanche of Goals Vs. CO

We decided to check out the Blackhawks tonight on CSN - after enjoying a beautiful "spring" day in Chicago. Been a few weeks since we actually watched a full game and boy did we pick the perfect game to check out! And a happy "Hat Trick" birthday to Patrick Sharp who really is sharp after scoring three goals in tonight's game. Nice way to celebrate a birthday - Happy Hat Trick to you, Happy Hat Trick to you, Happy Hat Trick, dear Patrick, Happy Hat Trick to you!

Discovered that seven's are lucky for our Hawks at least as far as our team goes this season - tonight's final score - Hawks 7/Avalanche 2; so far this year the Hawks are in first place in their division with 27 wins and 7 losses - lots of sevens, lots of lucky numbers! They also have the most total points in the NHL with 60. They are looking very good and playing very good hockey and we're nearly halfway through the season - a full season this year so another Stanley Cup would be well-earned after all of these long hard games. I still say after watching the Hawks again tonight, this game ain't for sissies.

With the Bulls season weakened by the loss of Derrick Rose and the Bears season up for grabs this Sunday versus the Packers (who will have starting QB Aaron Rodgers back - YIPES) - it is nice to know our Blackhawks are looking so strong and have so much talent. This team is just darn awesome fun to watch, unlike our Bears who provide ample opportunities for popping Tums with their uneven play this year. It is nerve-wracking to watch the Bears, it is never lacking in excitement to watch the Hawks. Also as moving as ever listening to Jim Cornelison sing the national anthem with those veterans standing beside him - never get tired of this and can't stop being emotionally moved every time either - no better way on earth to start off a sporting event!

The Blackhawks won't have much time to rest as they head off to St. Louis to face the Blues tomorrow night - with the way our team is playing the St. Louis squad will be singing the blues once our Icemen Cometh to town! GO HAWKS!!!

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