Lions & Blue Jay's & Bears, Oh My!

Well, they did it again...the Bears screwed up my football pool picks because I believed in them and bet with my heart, not my head. The main stream media will be screaming about leaving Jay Cutler in too long after he was plainly and overtly ailing in the 2nd half of this game. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Josh McCown came in very late in the game and scored an immediate touchdown and nearly pulled off a last minute comeback victory. But NOOOOOO - we lost to the Lions - a most disgusting turn of events. Especially after the Bears offense looked pretty tight in the first half but it looked like a totally different team in the 2nd half.

Cutler injured again - this time the announcers were told it was an ankle problem but anyone with working eyeballs could see he kept grabbing at this privates as if the groin was acting up again. Let us tally all this up, weak groin, possibly reaggravated; swollen left hand and possible ankle injury. Hard to believe Cutler was still standing at the end of this game - someone bring this poor guy some Aleve's!

Let's all second guess this game because the announcers during the game were doing it the entire second half - Coach Trestman left Cutler in too long, I repeat Coach Trestman left Cutler in too long, repeat, repeat, repeat ad nauseum. Why didn't Josh McCown just stand up and say "put me in coach, I'm ready to play-let Jay come to the bench and have his injuries assessed." The outcome couldn't have been any worse - right? Yes I know Cutler is our number one QB - but our number two QB has shown some sparks of brilliance in spite of lack of practicing with the team and he's been there when we needed him. And today I think we needed him once again. I place the Lion's share of this loss on Da new Coach and Da ailing quarterback...dropping the Bears out of first place in the NFC in the process.

A loss at home, a loss on my football pool, but today was not a total loss - it was a sunny beautiful brisk fall day and not even Da new Coach, Da ailing quarterback, and another notch in the loss column could ruin this nice, restful Sunday for me. Let the ranting begin on sports talk radio, the sports daily's and on the Bears game recap shows on TV...I'm done and moving on!


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