Da Bears Break Da Lambeau Losing Streak

The Bears haven't won a game at the venerable old Lambeau Field since 2007 and in the playing of this Bears vs. Packers game, they not only broke the losing streak, they (in this case meaning Defensive End Shea McClellin) broke the collar bone of Packer's QB Aaron Rodgers with a quick sack in the first quarter. McClellin had the game of his young career with 3 sacks (a hat trick in hockey lingo and maybe we should coin a phrase for football-he scored a sack trick)! McClellin wasn't the only player who had a great game in the Bears 27-20 upset over the green and gold, Forte was running wild, Marshall was catching flies, and McCown was looking like a super bowl caliber quarterback leading this team to victory.

It was a stunning upset and I'm sure it screwed up many a football pool (including my own-sorry my Bears) - there weren't many people who know football who would have picked the Bears to win but like many teams, when a star goes down, things can change in an instant. With Aaron Rodgers out for who knows how long (speculation has it about 3 weeks at least) even the all-mighty Packers don't look so all-mighty anymore. And his stand-in, Seneca Wallace, doesn't seem to be anyone to fear unlike Josh McCown who has played two games for the Bears and has looked great in both. Rumor has it that our starting QB Jay Cutler is talking about coming back this Sunday against the Lions....groin! Ooops, meant to say Groan. I don't know if it's been a fluke that McCown has played so great, but I am growing to like him and almost wish we could see him once more against Detroit. I like his cool demeanor, his ability to run, his accuracy and his whole aura. He's a true Chicago Bear, gritty and graceful, calm and controlling, mighty with mettle. Not to take anything away from Cutler, it's just that McCown has impressed many of us with the way he's come into the huddle and taken charge of the situation.

Okay so the Bears screwed up my football pool but it was worth it and especially when it happens in Green Bay. Sorry to all my relatives and co-workers who are Packer's fans but it was about time we got the victory up north - after all it's been since 2007 since this has happened and we were definitely due! Da Bears come home for the Sunday game against the Detroit Lions and the burning question is - who's your QB? Jay or Josh? I can BEARly wait to find out but I can promise you this - I won't go against my team in the football pool this week. GO BEARS!!!

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