Chicago Bears Beat Da Hapless Giants

Well, at least ONE quarterback named Manning is having a great year, and it ain't the one that played last night for the Giants against our Chicago Bears. Don't know exactly what's going on there in New York (or New Jersey where they actually play their games), but it's nice, in a way, to see it happening to someone else besides a Chicago team. The Bears held on to beat the Giants with some spectacular plays by Cutler, Marshall, Jeffrey and Jennings and the steady play of Gould and Briggs (where wasn't he in this game- BOOYA).

Another strange event in this game - when Gould and Hester got into it on the sideline...what the heck was that? Good news tho, as it seemed as if they kissed and made up when we weren't looking. Always something with this team and most of our sports team in Chicago. Kudos to Hester for becoming  the Bears' career leader in kickoff return yards with 4,643 after running back three for 73 yards in Thursday's game.

Don't you wonder what Eli and Peyton talk about when they get together this year? "Hey Bro, how you doin'?" - says Peyton with a smirk. "How do you think I'm doin'?" says brother Eli with a snarky voice. "I'm beginning to hate football in a Giant way," says Eli. "Not me!" says Peyton,"life is perfect - a perfect 5-0!" "Kiss my Giant ASS" - Eli hollers back at his bro.

Okay so these conversations are probably only in my f'''''ed up head - because I know if this were my family we'd be ribbing and teasing the crap out of each other. Maybe in the Manning family, they actually support each other during good times and bad instead of adding to the misery of one another during the bad times, and I'd say for the Giants, these are really bad times.

Luckily for our Chicago Bears, they now get a week plus off having played back to back games on Sunday and then again this past Thursday. And they need it as the injury list is growing so long, we may just have to draft some players from NIU or Northwestern to fill out the squad.

Next up, Da hapless Washington Redskins (1-3) on October 20th...let's keep our fingers crossed that we have enough healthy players to suit up for the game, that RGIII gets to see a lot of Briggs and the defense up close and personal, and that DA BEARS go 5-2!

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