Bruins Blank Blackhawks

Okay Hawks fans - tonight's game was not fun to watch especially all those wasted power plays and all those Hawks penalties which allowed Boston to score and eventually win the game. Yes, that sinking feeling is in the pit of our stomachs, or maybe it was all those flaming Cheetos that caused that sickly feeling in the stomach. No matter the cause, it is a sinking, sickly feeling none the less.

No Hossa, lack of face-off wins, too few shots and no power play goals equals: LOSS. Let's hope that we find out what really happened to Hossa since the news reports and Coach Q's explanation during the post-game press conference still haven't provided us with any details on the facts that led to his being sidelined. Oh where Oh where have our little Blackhawks gone? Gone to the drawing board to figure out how to win game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals and tie this series back up so the Hawks can come home and make us proud.

We only have to wait until Wednesday now so don't let your guard down or get too complacent - both players and fans. Time to paint those faces, dress up the pets and babies and get back our MOJO - it ain't over until we say it's over. Don't throw in the towel or the odd octopi just yet. Several of my earlier blogs had the phrase "Oduya Believe?" in them and yes I still do believe and I know most of you believe too - so let's shake this off, skate this off and MAKE OFF with WINS the rest of the way and then let the real partying begin! GO HAWKS!!!

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