Last night's Bulls/Miami game was lamenta-BULL, regreta-BULL, nearly unwatcha-BULL. The team set records that no team wants to set...from lowest points in a quarter to worst offensive performance by a Bulls team in the playoffs and also shooting a franchise playoff low at 25.7 percent for the game. The team looked gassed - worn to a frazzle, listless, no longer luva-Bull or watcha-Bull. And after tomorrow night's game - the team will probably not even be viewa-Bull since they'll have been officially eliminated from the playoffs.

You can't fault the players for giving in or giving up after all the illnesses, injuries and everything else one could throw at a team - they showed guts, passion and incredi-Bull heart throughout the first two rounds of the playoffs. I know it ain't over until the fat lady sings, so let's keep out fingers crossed and hope that there are no major injuries in game 5 and pray for a higher shooting percentage which is the only conceiva-Bull way our Chi-town team can cool off the Heat.

Also don't know how a professional athlete can sit on the sidelines and watch his team go down in flames when his medical team has cleared him to play and he seems fine jumping up and down off the bench when the team does something good. It seems to me it is every pro athlete's dream to make it into the playoffs and vie for a championship as it is a very hard thing to do...some very talented players end up on teams that never get there. The Bulls have the opportunity right now but time is running out - wishing them the best and no matter what happens thanks for a great season - for most of the team giving their all and for those that didn't - BULL$%&#@@!

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