Hawks WIN - Back to the Madhouse

Our old Blackhawks were back tonight in Detroit outlasting the Red Wings 4-3 and tying up the series 3 games apiece. After being down 3 games to 1, it seemed like our old Blackhawks might exit the Stanley Cup playoffs with a whimper when during the regular season they didn't whimper - they just plain WON. What a great game tonight featuring great blocks from Corey Crawford and great shot making including a quick score during a penalty phase of the game - something they have been struggling with of late. As hockey fans, we all know that you HAVE to take advantage of those power plays if you want to win. And the Hawks taking advantage of the power play tonight certainly contributed to the victory in Detroit.

Just when our stomach acid levels were building up and we began bracing ourselves for the Hawks to go down, things are looking up again. Momentum is definitely on the Hawks side with this victory - the Red Wings will have to gather themselves up and sharpen up their skills if they plan to put an end to Chicago's season. I thought our Chicago Bulls played with heart this season, but the Hawks are proving they have heart too, along with a huge desire to prove that the regular season was not the end of their winning ways.

For now Hawks fans, you can put away your Tums, Pepto Bismol and aspirin - relax for about the next 48 hours. Go about your lives and regular activities until Wednesday night when the madness returns to Chicago. The Madhouse on Madison will be filled to the rafters with fans and the TV's will be tuned in all over the state to watch our Blackhawks clip the Red Wings and put an end to this craziness. The Blackhawks don't need octopi being flung on the ice, they just need pucks being flung into the Detroit goal  - for one more game. Great victory tonight Captain Toews and the rest of our skate shooters - it's all good and now it's time to prepare for our Hawks to prove once again that the PUCK stops here!


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