Running for Cover

There's chaos in Boston, there's flooding in Chicago and the suburbs, there's snow falling (though so far not sticking) and there are sink holes and ass holes ruining our great country. This has been a tough week for much of the country - Boston is drowning in police, FBI and all other law enforcement personnel along with drowning in tears for all the victims of the Marathon bombings. There was a massive explosion and fire in West, Texas. Chicago is drowning in water from the expressways to the fairways of many of our golf courses - including the one I work at which is now on day three of closure due to standing water on half of the course. West, Texas is drowning in debris and horrible stories from the fertilizer plant explosion. It's certainly enough to make one want to literally run for cover.

As a couple of us sat around at work yesterday at our golf facility, we couldn't take anymore news on CNN or Fox or our local stations so we switched on the Golf's okay to watch this channel at work because golf is our work! There was the PGA Tour playing in sunny but a little windy conditions in South Carolina. Oh I wish I was there covering this tournament for my golf media work. The LPGA has been playing in Hawaii - oh how I REALLY wish I was there....warm winds, swaying palm trees, drinks with umbrellas and beautiful green DRY golf courses. The ocean in the background - luau's, hula skirts, happy people - the way this week has been going from Texas's fertilizer plant blast near Waco, the horrors in Boston, the flooding and ruined houses and basements all around Chicago...I know we ALL wish we were somewhere else this week.

From Boston to its suburbs, people were ordered to stay under cover in their homes and businesses all day yesterday until the 2nd alleged bombing suspect was finally caught hiding out in someone's backyard in Watertown, MA. The alleged suspect had run for cover after a shoot out with police that claimed the life of his older brother. Somehow he ended up in Watertown hiding out in a tarp covered boat in this residential area. I can't imagine how relieved everyone was when they announced the 2nd suspect had been captured - alive. There are so many questions that need to be answered and this surviving suspect could be the key to figuring out what caused these two men to do such heinous acts upon our fellow Americans. Obviously this suspect didn't run for cover well enough and BRAVO to the FBI, law enforcement and everyone else for taking care of business so the residents of Boston can rest a little easier.

As for all you runners out there - we know you won't be running for cover or giving up on the marathons, 10K's and everything in-between just because of the bombings this week. Like true athletes and Americans all around this great country of ours...we will not run for cover or run FROM anyone who wants to put a damper on our way of life, our freedoms, our passions. As this past week showed, if you do something to harm us in any way, YOU will be the one running for cover.

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