Another V-V-Victory for the hot hot Chicago Blackhawks....a true team effort once again from one of the hottest sports teams in the U - S - A! An earlier blog was called "Oduya Believe" and in truth, I DO believe in this team. They have clinched home ice for the playoffs and the Madhouse on Madison will soon be rocking as the regular season winds down this weekend.

This team is talented from Head to Goal - great head coach, great goalies and great hockey players fill the roster. I even forgive Duncan Keith for his little rant with the female sports announcer this past week - they have since made up so all is well in that short lived "faux pas" - slip of the tongue - whatever you want to call it.

No more distractions, no excuses, just great hockey to look forward to with a team that makes me want to stand up and shout every time they score a goal. This team is just fun, exciting and darn good. Who doesn't want to watch such talented athletes in action? It sure beats catching the Cubs and Sox struggle to stay below .500. We want to see winners - therefore WE watch the Blackhawks. With their win tonight beating the Calgary Flames, the Hawks record in this abbreviated season is 36-6 & 5. Enough said...take us to the promised land as the Stanley Cup is already in sight!

Most athletes and pro sports teams use the mantra - one game at a game at a time. Most regular folk say "don't count your chickens before they've hatched." We will just say that we know our Blackhawks won't lay an egg in the playoffs - so we won't have to count our chickens - just all the goals flying into the competitor's nets! GO HAWKS GO!

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