Bulls Turn Off the Heat!

Bravo - Ole - Kudos - and well done Chicago Bulls! The Miami Heat streak is over thanks to OUR Chicago Bulls who put on quite a show tonight to end the Miami Heat's streak of 27 straight wins. If you didn't catch the game live, I'm hoping Comcast Sports Net shows it over again soon so everyone can see the mighty Bulls put the heat on the Heat. It was a game of beauty, especially since the Bulls were without three of their starters including the MIA Rose and the injured Noah among others. This was a true team effort lead by one of my favorite players, Luol Deng, who had 28 points. The final score Bulls 101, Heat 97! Enough said...

Not enough has been written about this team other than that nauseating question of "when will Derek Rose be back?" In a dream world, this would have been Rose's first day back after a long recovery from a tough injury. Not that there wasn't enough excitement and anticipation for this game as it was, but Rose coming back would have been the proverbial icing on the cake. I couldn't help from thinking if this had been Michael Jordan who was out with an injury, he would have had to have been kidnapped and taken out of the country to keep HIM from playing in this game. We can all look back fondly on the games Jordan played in when he was sick, injured and exhausted...they were some of his highest scoring games. Well Rose isn't Michael Jordan and only time will tell if he ever creeps into the rare air Jordan resides in to this day. Rose will have to return to the court before judgement can begin on this debate.

Let's get back to the current Bulls who did play tonight and ruined the Heat's chance of reaching the milestone of the 33 game win streak held by the Lakers. 27 ain't bad...and if the streak had to end, it is only fitting that the Chicago Bulls pulled it off against LeBron and the heatless Miami team. After all, this is the home of the greatest NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan and his spirit was in the building tonight - Luol, Carlos, Nate, Taj, Kurt, and the whole team were channeling the energy, skills and talent of the great one. This game had the feel of those good old days when the United Center was a rockin' and the Bulls were a scorin'! It only goes to show if you want to beat the Heat...come to Chicago!

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