Bear Down, Brian Urlacher

Like many others, I was hoping that the rumors of an impasse between Bears ownership and the Urlacher management team were untrue. But lo and behold, on hump day, our #54 was released from the Bears and we are left wondering "what the hell happened here?" I am not a happy Bears fan today...I just don't see how a player who has been loyal to this team since day one could be treated so badly and let go so unceremoniously. For 13 years, Brian Urlacher has been the defining player on the Bears defensive side - a gritty, hall-of-fame caliber player who gave his all every time he was out on the field. Urlacher was THE face of the Bears defensive squad and and true leader so it will be tough to watch how this affects the team come fall of 2013. What will be tougher is facing Urlacher on the defensive side of some OTHER team.

This will take some major adjustment to see a Bears team without Brian Urlacher and it may prove to be a bad move on the part of the owners when our defense becomes offensive! Sure there are many other great players on the Bears defense but none of them have been here as long and none of them have worn that Bears uniform with more pride. And when you looked around the stadium on game day, you saw thousands of Bears jerseys with the #54 on them and bearing Urlacher's name. I will still wear my Urlacher jersey with pride knowing that we had one of the best defensive players on our team for 13 wonderful years.
Brian, you will be missed even though we know you will end up on some other team tackling, intercepting and causing havoc there instead of in the windy city.

Urlacher has always been described as a great teammate and I can vouch for that! For many years when I worked with one of the large golf store chains, Brian would come in and buy golf clubs and bags for some of his teammates who played golf as Christmas presents. And he didn't skimp when it came to which clubs to get - he bought the best. We also ordered Bears logo'ed bags and anything else he needed so he could spread holiday cheer amongst his football bretheren. He was always very fun to work with and very cordial to other shoppers in the store - signing autographs for customers and employees and not charging a cent to do so. He was gracious and gorgeous to look at...the first time he came into the store and I happened to be working, I couldn't take my eyes off of him...he is an imposing figure and so solidly built that if I were to have him running at me for any reason, I would have run like hell to get away from him rather than being tackled by him! I will never forget how lucky I was to have been able to work with him for his golfing was very fun and very cool to be looking at #54 in the flesh - up close and personal...what a beautiful human specimen.

Cheers to you, Brian Urlacher - thanks for the memories both on and off the field. It's been a great ride and we wish you good health, great success (unless you're playing against the Bears) and we want you to remember how grateful we all are for 13 years of watching one of the best Bears player's to ever step onto Soldier Field and you are in some mighty fine company. Bear Down, Brian, as we all try to bear up to this sad day in Chicago Bears history.

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