Ouch! That Hurts

The first big ouch is what happened to Swedish golfer Daniela Holmqvist. She was playing in a pre-qualifying round for the current LPGA event in Canberra, Australia and on the 4th hole was standing in the rough when she felt a stabbing pain in one of her ankles. As she looked down, she realized it was a nasty looking spider and she swatted it away. Several local caddies reacted with terror and started looking for their cell phones so they could get a medic to her right away as it turned out to be a poisonous black widow that had attacked her ankle. Holmqvist had never seen a black widow spider before and when her leg began to swell and the pain grew worse by the second, she calmly took a tee from her pocket, opened up the wound with it, and squeezed out the poisonous secretions. Holmqvist told reporters "A clear fluid came out - it wasn't the prettiest thing I've ever done, but I had to get as much of it out of me as possible." Doctors on the scene checked her out and despite her pain, she finished the round under the watchful eyes of the medicos. An even bigger ouch, she shot a 74 and didn't qualify! How's that for a Big Ouch?

The second big ouch is the story on recent Paralympic and Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius who was a hot topic in the recent summer games as he raced on his two carbon-fiber prosthetic blades and quickly was dubbed Blade Runner. Well, Oscar can't run away from what happened earlier this week when he was charged with allegedly killing his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, at his home by shooting her four times through the bathroom door. Now in custody and charged with one count of murder, Pistorius will remain jailed until another hearing which is set for Feb. 19 in a South African courtroom. Unlike Manti Te'o who had an invisible girlfriend, Pistorius had a real girlfriend whom he is accused of murdering - much more serious and life altering than being duped like Te'o. Another case of someone who was on top of the world and quickly dropped to the bottom of the heap in an instant. In my twisted mind, I pictured Pistorius in prison and wondered if they would let him have those prosthetic legs (blades) on at any time - I would think they are too much of a danger to himself and anyone he encounters in a hostile environment like prison. What a sad sad story - mostly for the family and friends of Reeva Steenkamp as she's no longer with us...and sad in a somber way for Pistorius who was living a storied life inspite of his handicap and seems to have blown it all to smithereens. This story is truly a Big Ouch.

Another Big Ouch, here in Chicago where the buzz is building in a bad way that Derrick Rose will not return to play with the Bulls at all this season. People are huffing and puffing that it's taking him too long to recover but I believe that only his doctors and Rose himself are the decision makers in this case. Come back too soon and he could reinjure himself and be out another half to full season. Let your Big Ouch heal, D-Rose - we want you back but only when you and your medical team say it's time. It would be an even Bigger Ouch if you were injured so badly that you could never return...heal, D-Rose, heal!

NOT a Big Ouch at all is the fact that the honchos with our WNBA Chicago Sky team renewed the contracts of head coach Pokey Chatman and her assistants Christie Sides and Jeff House. If not for some major injuries to key players last year, the Sky would have most likely made it into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. This coaching staff is comprised of winners, the team has some strong talent and with a number two pick coming up in the WNBA draft in April, will end up with one of the big three college players who are coveted by every team in the WNBA. Odds are the Phoenix Mercury will select Brittney Griner as they have the number one pick coming to their team, which leaves standouts Skylar Diggins of Notre Dame and Elena Della Donne of the Univ. of Delaware...any of these 3 "players to watch" would look great in a Chicago Sky uniform. Diggins would offer a big draw to all the Notre Dame fans in and around Chicago and she can be a scoring and defensive machine - she also grew up in Indiana which could also offer an increase in attendance if some of her family and loyal fans wish to follow her adventures in the WNBA. If by some fluke of nature Phoenix passes on Griner - look out Chicago - she's a game changer at 6'8" - she can score, block shots and create havoc for the opposing team in so many ways. No matter who we get in the draft, at least the coaching staff is in place and can bring out the maximum talent in their players. Let's not end the season with another Big Ouch by not making the playoffs in 2013. If everyone stays healthy, the Sky should be celebrating lucky '13!

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