The Wonder of Winter

Okay so it's nearly 50 degrees out today although it's gray and ugly day and an ugly way to end the week. It's that boring time of year especially with no Bears games to look forward to and I'm already tired of reading about all of the potential new head coaches for the team. For those who enjoy winter sports like ice skating, sledding, skiing and snowboarding, it's been a dismal season with the weather being too warm for snow and not warm enough to play golf - YET. It's very confusing to the body clock and the mind - no snow on the ground, green grass and sad leafless trees abound. Is this winter? I wonder...

What will we do with ourselves? I guess we can watch the NFL playoffs although it's hard to get too excited about the outcomes, especially since the season long football pool I participated in with my workmates ended after the final week of the regular season. The Bulls are playing good without D-Rose so they're fun to watch and soon we'll be getting back to that "cold steel on ice" sport with our Chicago Blackhawks - patience my friends - they'll be icing and empty-netting soon. One can only hope there aren't too many serious injuries to anyone as they try to compress all those games into a shortened schedule. There are college basketball games on now which if you're into that are great to watch during these dreary months. Just saw my favorite Tennessee Lady Vols cremate new entry into the SEC Mizzou (sorry Ed - I know this is your alma mater!) last night with a score of 84 to 39 - great if you're a Lady Vols fan like me, not so great if you root for Mizzou. Did get to see Mizzou's 3-point shooting star Morgan Eye - in a game against Auburn a few weeks ago she made 11 - three-pointers breaking SEC records in the process. She scored 18 against Tennessee but it wasn't nearly enough to make up for the stifling defense and superior athleticism of the Vols. Great way to spend a "winter" night - watching the Vols move up in the national rankings to #9 in the nation.

Saw ads for the Chicago Golf Show in February, heard a radio ad for the Cubs Convention and saw a TV ad for a huge golf sale out in the suburbs - buy now - selling cheap - get ready for the golf season - who knows, we may be golfing for real  in a few weeks the way this winter is going - or not going as the case may be.

I'm sure we'll get nailed eventually with a blizzard or two - but so far we haven't had to shovel once and I am having panic attacks that I'll get called back into work as a golf pro weeks earlier than normal - much like last year when we had to open up the golf course in March as the temperature swelled into the 80's...and it never stopped being open golf season until December and even then we played it week by week as to when we could close down the course for the winter - the winter that makes us wonder....where oh where did our winter go?


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