Miracle on Ice - Chicago Style

It isn't exactly TEAM USA vs. Russia, but the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks are pulling off their own Miracle on Ice as their record has climbed to a perfect 6 & 0 - the first time in the franchise's 87 year history that the team has started out this hot. Prior to this the best start in team history went to the 1971-72 Hawks which started out 5 & 0, a mere 40+ years ago. Goes to show you how hard it is to keep on a hot streak in hockey. This group of icemen looks really strong and they have managed to win pretty and ugly. But as they say in sports, a Win is a Win and we'll take 'em any way we can get 'em. Kudos to Coach Q and Coach K (no not Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke) but our Coach  Mike K - Mike Kitchen.  And kudos to the players who actually look like they're happy to be back at it after that horribly long layoff. There's no time to rest now as they are playing practically every other night trying to fit in 48 games in a few months time - crazy frenetic times lie in wait at that crazy frenetic Madhouse on Madison. I hope Jim Cornelison doesn't lose his voice trying to sing that powerful version of the national anthem at these games being played so close together.

It's going to be a stressful year for the coaches, the team and Jim C. - everyone being asked to perform their very best on very little rest. On the other hand, everyone could still be sitting on their hands waiting for the season to start so no one wants to complain that they're being asked to do too much too soon.  Everyone should have been well rested and ready to take to the ice the minute everything was hammered out and the way the Hawks look - they have been very ready to take to the ice.

Is it time to experience another Miracle on Ice? Maybe we can talk Al Michaels into coming to town near the end of the season and broadcasting the final game of the Stanley Cup so we can hear that great line once again "Do you believe in Miracles?" If the Blackhawks bring home another Stanley Cup so soon - I think we'll all believe in miracles! GO HAWKS!!!


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