Bye Bye Lovie; Hello Hawks

Now that the Bears are on the sidelines watching other professional teams compete in the playoffs, and all of us fans are doing likewise, it's time to say Bye Bye to Coach Lovie Smith after 9 seasons of futility. It wasn't all bad, there were some good times but they were followed all too often by disappointment and heartache with the team failing to make the playoffs over and over again. Excuses, excuses...too many injuries, bad play calling, lack of execution...whatever the cause - here we are once again watching other teams play in the post season. Well we won't have Lovie to blame anymore that's for sure. It only took a few hours for the owners to make the call and send Lovie packing after last Sunday's results. Yes the Bears won the game but they needed the Packers to win to move on into the post season  and we now know that didn't happen. Some of the conspiracy theorists out there might even posit that those dastards from up north threw the game just so the Bears would be left out in the cold! Well, it COULD happen. We also know that it shouldn't have been up to the Packers to win for the Bears to make the post season. You always want to have control of your own destiny by not leaving it in the hands of your long-standing rivals. Bye Bye Post Season - Bye Bye Lovie.

As they say, when one door closes another one opens...and speaking of openings - the NHL season may finally get underway so at least we'll have the Blackhawks back in action. Bye Bye winter boredom, hello men on skates! It couldn't have come at a better time for our sports crazed Chicagoans. Many of us were thinking of taking up curling, or joining a book club, or going back to school and taking a class - that's how desperate things were looking. We need someone to root for until March Madness kicks in and the sooner the Blackhawks take the ice the better. After all you can only read "50 Shades of Grey" so many times!










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