Dis and Dat

Well, the Blackhawks are 3-0 - great start for this truncated version of a season which is a good thing since they are cramming in a lot of games in a short period of time before handing out the Stanley Cup. The Hawks are looking good... and as long as everyone stays healthy it should be a fun quick race to the Cup. Happy for the fans, the employees of the Madhouse on Madison, the restaurants and bars around the stadium, and all the vendors who have been idle along with the team. Good times!

Welcome to the big leagues Marc Trestman - new head coach of Da Bears. Hope you can adjust to the southern climes of  llinois after spending all those years up in Canada. Ah, it is always so nice and toasty along the lakefront during those November and December games - we can imagine it would be cold and nasty on the lakefront in January too, except we haven't made the playoffs in a while so we're not accustomed to spending time at Soldier Field so late in the season. It is now up to you, Coach Trestman - can we trust a man named Trestman? We sure hope so, eh?

Lance Armstrong - gotta give you the big Dis - what the hell where you thinking all those years...talk about back pedaling. You were venerated and now you are reviled. In the last couple of years two titans of the sporting world have gone from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the heap - you Mr. Armstrong, and Tiger Woods. You both had it all and due to your poor decision-making and salacious actions you each have hurt so many more people than yourselves. Lance fleeced the Tour de France and Tiger fleeced his family, his friends and the golf world by seeming to be a good family man and athlete extraordinaire....talk about fleecing us all.

Manti Te'o - is this guy the epitome of a dumb jock? I can't believe anyone could have an invisible girlfriend or boyfriend and no one thought this was weird... here's another guy who went from being a golden boy - up for the Heisman (that didn't happen), up for the BCS Championship game (that didn't happen), live then dead girlfriend (that didn't happen either!). How quickly one can go from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the crap heap.

Enough dis'ing for now - DADADADADA - Dat's all Folks!



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