Ins and Outs

IN - LPGA Tour Player and Berwyn, IL native Nicole Jeray - made it through Q-school and secured her tour card for the 2013 season...way to go my buddy Nicole.

OUT - Urlacher, Gould, Bears defense, Bears offense - LOVIE?

IN - NIU Huskies - going to the Orange Bowl to face Florida State - hope you turn that Orange Bowl into a sea of RED and the team puts it to the Seminoles.

OUT - anything NHL related, Blackhawks fans out in the cold now through at least the end of this month...                                      H-E-double hockey sticks!

IN - Chicago's winter weather - yes, people are still golfing and playing outside - hard to believe Christmas is only 14 days away.

OUT - ice skating, ice fishing, ice hockey (both amateur and pro); sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and my own personal off season from the pro golf industry.

IN - Sudanese basketball players for Mooseheart  High School. Standing tall for these "kids" from war-ravaged Sudan - very IN!

OUT - Derek Rose - STILL...Bulls are  over 500 but can it last? Keep it up Bullies - D-Rose is on the mend and we can't wait to see him rejoin the team!

IN - Notre Dame's Fighting Irish - Bowl bound and deservedly so - hope their luck doesn't run out in the BCS Championship game vs. Alabama....or maybe the Crimson Tide will turn into a wave of green! GO ND!

OUT - Me, I'm tired and going to bed - to face another day of work in the golf season that will never end!

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