Feeling Bullish, Bearish, Hawkish and a little Wolfish

Since there's a certain huge election coming up in a few days - I thought I'd tie in my blog from the sports world with the political arena. So far so good for the Bulls without D-Rose; so far so good for the Bears without much offensive power; and, so far so BAD for hockey fans with the Hawks on a potential full-season break. So far so SO-SO on the political front - if I get one more political postcard or flyer in my mailbox I'm going to explode....all those wasted trees. And if I see one more nasty campaign commercial tearing apart people who seem, for all intents and purposes, to be pretty decent folks (except that they stiff their ex'es on child support, align themselves with ex-governors serving time, lie about their ex-military service records, and on and on). At least this Boorish behavior will end next week on election day....feeling Bullish on this front.

What won't end is my being Bullish on the Bears and Bearish on the Bulls and Hawks - to quote one of my friend's kids - H-E- double hockey sticks! The Madhouse on Madison has been pretty quiet without the Hawks games - guess we'll have to become Bullish on the Wolves at Allstate Arena where the fan mantra is "at least the puck drops here."

The Bulls have just gotten started and are looking to go 2-0 for the first time since the 2002 season but in order to do so they need to be Cavalierish. The Bears are halfway through their season with a 6-1 record so on Sunday in order to go 7-1, they will need to play Toughish on the Titans. The Wolves record is 5-2 heading into a faceoff with the Rockford IceHogs - guess the Wolves will have to be Piggish tonight when it comes to letting Rockford score.

Sadly, when it comes to the political scene - there is only one word to describe it - ISH!




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