To Bear or Not To Bear...that is the question!

Squawk all you want about the hit on QB Cutler - bitch all you want about the lack of offense after that hit - moan about the Lions touchdown late in the game ruining the shutout...go ahead - I know many of you will. It doesn't matter - the Bears still get the WIN and lead the NFC North. I, for one, am enjoying the ride - I refuse to fall into the gloom and doom naysayer pattern of thinking that Chicagoans tend to fall into (with good reason for the most part). There is enough strife in the world with senseless violence leading the way in our own city, wars, presidential debates (did anyone in Chicago watch them?), shooting sprees in Colorado and Wisconsin, embassy bombings, young girls being beaten because they want an education - the dark stuff keeps coming at a rapid-fire pace. If you let it, you will be overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness.

I prefer to look on the bright side - it had been rainy all day on Monday up until the Bears kick-off time for Monday Night Football...a positive, the temperatures were pretty decent for late October, the Bears scored first, Cutler came back into the game after a vicious hit, the Defense still rocks, Robbie Gould is a kicking God, the reuniting of Brandon Marshall and Cutler - so far so very good, running game good, basically it's all good. We're 5 and 1 people...this IS the bright side.

Let's enjoy the positives for the next 6 days until Sunday's game against the  Carolina Panthers whose record incorporates the same set of numbers as the Bears - excepting that the Bears are 5-1-0 while the Panthers are 1-5-0! Savor it and be thankful that it wasn't YOU that was sacked by a boy named SUH.

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