Post Season Blues

No Sox, No Cubs, No Chicago Sky, no NHL (this is actually PRE-season blues); Ryder Cup hangover....if the Bears weren't tied for 1st in their division, I think there'd be a lot of people really singing the blues in Chicago and though we  may be the home of the blues, when it comes to sports - unless you're a St. Louis hockey fan, you don't like the Blues. What happened to all the high hopes at the beginning of the season for all these teams? Sox - choke at the end; Cubs choked all season; Sky record fell along with their star players who fell to injuries. NHL - STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE - three and yer out. You bet we're all blue - to quote the late great Queen of the Blues Koko Taylor, you bet your "wang dang doogle" we got the blues. I may just hold my breath until I'm blue in the face unless one of our PROFESSIONAL teams makes the post season!


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