Grin and Bear It

Our Chicago Bears are 4 and 1 - the Packers are 2 and 3 - all is right with the world. Instead of everybody over analyzing the great start to this season, why not just sit back and enjoy it! Listening to sports radio this morning, you would have thought the two team's records were reversed. The Bears are the total package this year and barring any major injuries to our franchise players, and those who could be considered franchise players the way this year is going, it should be a sweet year. So let's not get too far ahead of ourselves - take the bye week off from football - savor the glory of being 4 and 1. Play some golf, take a hike and enjoy the fall colors, walk the dog, watch some local high school or college sports - have  lunch with friends or family. Take a break from the NFL for the next week and a half and when the Bears come back on Monday night football, get back to root root rooting for the Monsters of the Midway. Until then, just grin and BEAR  it!

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