An Election Buttressed by Normalized Ignorance

An Election Buttressed by Normalized Ignorance

Thoughtfulness and the ability to think reflectively and critically is fundamental to our future.      

By RA Monaco

We live in an age of normalized ignorance, buttressed by poisonous fundamentalism, nationalism, greed, hate and a justifiable anger set in the haze of political and moral indifference.  The future is likely to be cast in the language of orders.

If blame is to be assigned, don’t blame angry white folks anymore than the true believers who unquestioningly followed Barak Obama and then Hillary Clinton as she openly ran as his third term in the 2016 General Election.

If you must assign blame, don’t forget to blame—and don’t forget—the betrayal of Bernie Sanders who, after gaining the trust and confidence of millions of Americans, attempted to hand them off to the same establishment that they had sought to change.

Americans have spoken at the polls and the question we must now understand is, what exactly have they said?  My guess, which is exactly that, is radical change was more important than the status quo—the indifferent greed and complacency shown by the Democratic Establishment.

At greatest parallel are the spaces in which dialogue, debate, and dissent can flourish—don’t for an instant think that the spaces for active progressive engagement of our citizens isn’t already being chilled.

We are a nation in decline, because historical amnesia has overtaken the elements of resistance—America gets the democracy it deserves.  Any action that distances itself from that understanding is bound to fail.

Yes, there is enough blame to go around and we Americans have gotten the democracy we deserve.  Now, we must climb the steep “wall” of honest social critique necessary in a functioning democracy.  Thoughtfulness and the ability to think reflectively and critically will be fundamental to our future

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