A Memoir of Machination

A Memoir of Machination

September 3, 2011

Upon reflection, more needs to be said about the new Dick Cheney memoir that conveniently ignores economic responsibility for the nation's current woes with a deflecting after-the-fact spin that attempts to justify two wars.

Commenting on the legacy of the Bush administration, Cheney expressly acknowledges that it was economics that caused the most harm to Republicans in 2008. Importantly, he makes clear that the nation's economic policy was run from the White House, not the Treasury.

Most telling is that it was Dick Cheney, himself, whose advice led to Bush selecting Paul O'Neill as his Treasury Chief. Absent is Cheney taking any real acceptance of responsibility for the Bush Administration's self serving easy money policy that ignited and fueled the unnoticed credit mania which ultimately resulted in surging oil prices, the housing crisis and the five year recession that continues with little optimism or immediate promise of resolve.

While some have cast Dick Cheney as a martyr willing to be hated by all the right people, this is a label which is hard to accept when his advice to GOP candidates is to "keep your Fed chiefs at a prudent political distance." Cheney's conspiratorial advice is, once again, true to form--bad! Deflecting responsibility and planning for a future "fall guy" may be an important message to future GOP candidates and the type of advice they are used to but, in my book, they are not characteristics of a martyr.


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  • Dick Cheney belongs in prison for war crimes. This is a sociopath who will never acknowledge the fact that he and GWB are responsible for the deaths of thousands of young men and women in a war that made him rich, as well as the financial mess he and his cronies created which has resulted in many Americans losing their jobs and homes. It will take years for this country to heal from the effects of Dick Cheney. Meanwhile, he is still walking around free, enjoying the millions he made with Halliburton from his ugly war and instead of keeping his mouth shut and fading away as GWB has done, he now feels it necessary to lie to us again and put more spin on the mess he created. Go away Dr. Strangelove...the last thing this country needs is to see your face and hear your voice after what you have done to us.

  • In reply to riverlady:

    Thanks riverlady, you've said what needed to be said and I commend your forthright approach. I truly hope you continue to influence those around you.

    As I mentioned in my article. I don't think Cheney is satisfied and his book may be a stir of the pot, so to speak.

    I'd be interested in your reaction to this string of video clips I collected: http://youtu.be/uaUXgbFumvM

  • I can add little to what 'riverlady' has said so adroitly .... Mr. Cheney is the quintessence of the dark side of America.

  • http://youtu.be/uaUXgbFumvM

    So, true! I put a link above of a few video clips I collected. I'd be most interested in your reaction.

  • In reply to Lawscout:

    Thanks for sharing the clips "Lawscout" ... I honestly admit I could only watch part of the first one ... it is difficult to observe a man so callous and evil.

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