Should Cross-dressers Be Part of the Q in LGBTQ?

Should Cross-dressers Be Part of the Q in LGBTQ?

It’s getting complicated in our society in the world of gender identification and sexual identity. LGBT is no longer the shortened version as it now is common to add in the acronym “Q” to the mix. To me it makes sense, since the Q is often defined as gender questioning.  I know there are many more acronyms to describe alternative communities, but generally now the accepted descriptive is LGBTQ.

I am delighted the “Q” has been added in, as I believe there are far more “Q’s” out there now than “T’s”. Of course, every one of these groups is important to our society. Yet, most of the cross-dressers I know are a “Q” rather than a “T”. Will they become a “T” as they become more open in their ability to come out in as their femme self? Maybe.

Yet, it is just the beginning of the journey of “discovery” for the cross-dressers who, up to the past few years, have struggled with acceptance and desperate isolation, often only allowing their wife to know about their desire to present as a woman. And in many cases, even their wife was not aware of their desires. No wonder cross-dressing has been misunderstood. Few have spoken out about it and have come to grips with who they are. Some cross-dressers, when they do accept their femme side, become trans women as they find this an easier path in catering to their femme side.

With “Q” earning its spot of the LGBTQ rainbow, I think it is going to be easier for some of the cross-dressers to become who they are, which may be bi-gender rather than transgender and still find a place in society. The adding of this acronym is bigger than anticipated, at least in my view, because it allows the cross-dressers and gender-fluid community to be part of society and to be accepted. It’s a start of a major shift in our culture that truly allows those that want to keep a bi-gender status to be able to do so and not have to be hiding in the shadows, without an affiliation.

It is time to celebrate. Let’s raise a glass of bubbly! For the non-drinkers, green iced tea. Finally, I see freedom for the cross-dressing community.

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