Meet Caitlyn Jenner a Cindy Crawford Look-Alike

Meet Caitlyn Jenner a Cindy Crawford Look-Alike

The highly anticipated reveal of the former Bruce Jenner’s new femme identity as a transgender woman, came to an end with the recent unveiling of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Caitlyn is absolutely gorgeous, looking a lot like model Cynthia Crawford. Bruce was an attractive guy, but Caitlyn is just stunning. She has been released after many years and is ready for the next adventure in her life.  She is no longer hiding in the shadows while under a baseball hat after leaving a plastic surgeons office. Caitlyn is finally ready for prime-time.

The Kardashians must be jealous, Caitlyn is prettier than all of them, having had much to work with to start with. Those cheekbones and beautiful brown eyes are a photographers dream and celebrity photographer, Anne Leibovitz, who did the photo shoot, took amazing pictures. Anne Leibovitz doesn’t miss a great shot and she captured the essence of Caitlyn.

The transgender community, whether they like the Kardashians or not, is highly supportive of Jenner’s journey in becoming her authentic self. It has been a long road for her as she is finally living her life as she desires. Caitlyn’s story is not uncommon as she started cross-dressing at 12 years old, never felt she fit in and was never comfortable being a man.

But Caitlin was an exceptional athlete and an American hero whose image was on the front of the Wheaties cereal box and would go on to live life as a male, excelling in sports and winning the 1976 Olympic Gold Decathlon medal. Jenner married, as many transgender women do, and tried to live life as a man. Jenner was married to Christina and had two children and left her because he said he was restless.

Jenner fell hard for Linda Thompson and had two more children, but began to strongly identify with his femme side, of which was something that he needed to explore. In the 1980’s he started on hormone therapy and had plastic surgery to attain a more feminine look. Jenner married Kris Kardashian and told her he needed to express his femme side, yet reportedly never revealed his need to become a woman. They had two children, along with raising Kris’s four daughters. Keeping up with the Kardashians became a major hit on E! And, as Jenner said, “He’s the one who had the story!”

Today before us stands a beautiful woman with a peacefulness that few of us will realize in our lives.  Caitlyn Jenner is happy as she is the woman she has always felt she was. Her life will be filled with new experiences. Caitlyn’s gift to the transgender and cross-dressing communities is one that will save lives for those who are still struggling with their gender identity.  Her courage to come out in a big way will lead the path for more tolerance, acceptance and understanding of these communities.

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