Bruce Jenner Says Good-bye

Bruce Jenner Says Good-bye


Diane Sawyer tonight on ABC in her interview with Bruce Jenner was at times tentative, especially when she asked Bruce when he transitions into a woman, how can he still be heterosexual? It was one of the few times in the interview that left us questioning how that all works.

The rest of this two-hour special was well-scripted, yet it appeared that Bruce was ecstatic to finally be “out” as a transgender who would soon be transitioning into a woman. Jenner said he started cross-dressing at 12 years old when he wore his sisters clothing, and strongly identified as a woman early on. He always felt like he didn’t fit in and was a loner.

He  excelled at sports and was committed to winning the Olympic Gold medal for the triathlon. Jenner married Christina and they had two children. He left her because he was restless. He fell hard for Lynda Thompson and had two more children, but began strongly identifying with his femme side, of which was something he needed to explore. In the 1980’s he started on hormone therapy and had plastic surgery to attain a more feminine look.

Jenner married Kris Kardashian and told her he needed to express his femme side, yet never revealed his need to become a woman. They had two children, along with raising Kris’s four daughters. Keeping Up with the Kardashians became a major hit on E! And, as Jenner says, “He’s the one who had the story!”

Tonight in the interview, Jenner looked like an attractive woman. A woman who had more plastic surgery than one can imagine. He looked much younger than his 65 years and wore no make-up, I am sure when he is made-up and fully transitioned that he will make a beautiful woman. He was a beautiful man, who is now living the life he always wanted; to be a woman.

As I watched the last part of the interview, I felt sad, not for Bruce for he was ecstatic about finally becoming the woman he always thought he was. I was saddened because this would be the last time we saw Bruce Jenner. Bruce would not longer exist, as if he never was. The transformation was happening before us in the interview and Bruce Jenner was already a distant memory.

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